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    LOVE my Joolz, and have had very little problems with it over the past months. I was comparing this to the Bugaboo C when looking, and chose the Joolz over Bugaboo. I found the Joolz easier to manoeuvre compared to Bugaboo, and I also liked how the seat sat slightly higher than Bugaboo too..

  • Joolz Day Stroller Reviews Page

    Wants Joolz please PLEASE make an extended sun canopy like the Bugaboo extended sun canopy. The current hood is far too small. It should have multiple stops and almost touch Bubs feet when closed thus removing all distractions and letting them sleep in dark shade. I have the Joolz UV sunhood and it’s just not good enough..

  • Kocky Joolz Ziadne Toxny Neobsahuj Spuntk Sk

    Mamiky, ak vlastn te ko k Joolz Day Earth a okovali v s v sledky testu uverejnen v nemeckom Stiftung Warentest STIWA , poda ktor ch je pln tox nov, m ete sa upokoji. Nie je to pravda..

  • Joolz Uni Earth Nursery Bag Elephant Grey

    Joolz Uni Earth Nursery Bag Elephant Grey at Bags.

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